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steatite small shell
product description

description: our products with high mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, chemical resistance and good characteristics. we manufactures custom technical ceramics, including alumina ceramics, steatite ceramics, zirconia ceramics, textile ceramic spare parts, ceramic seal ring etc, covering a wide range of customer requirements.each product has passed the full(100%) inspection before export, you can safely buy it.

product introduction


steatite ceramics

main component:   mgo sio2

properties  density: 2.8 g/cm2 water absorption0sintering temperature1350oc

physical propertyhardness: 800 hv

rupture strength: 900 kg/cm2

pressive strength: 4000   kg/cm2 

thermal property maximum service temperature: 1100oc

thermal shock resistance: 220 t (oc)

conductivity: 5--  w/m.k(2 5--300 oc)

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