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advantages of alumina ceramic surface coating

alumina ceramic in hardness and diamond compared to only cents cents, but if the alumina ceramic and wear-resistant, or stainless steel and other wear-resistant performance comparison, then the overall wear resistance is much higher, this is why the alumina ceramic in the industry to occupy such an important position in the main factors, but also to ensure that in different industries have been good development.


first in the weight is very light, and its density and the basic and comparable to the steel, it is because the alumina ceramic with such a high density, if it is used as equipment parts, then you can effectively love that the equipment is reduced on the load and ensures proper operation of the equipment without any impact on the equipment.


followed by the alumina ceramic in the wear-resistant performance is very high, the overall performance in the wear-resistant than manganese steel much higher times, if it is in the same circumstances, the use of alumina ceramic or manganese steel, then, alumina ceramics in the application of the advantages is very prominent, at least more than ten times the use of manganese steel, or even longer years, and will not be damaged.


currently on the market, alumina ceramics there is a new form of technology, directly on the surface of alumina ceramic coating treatment, more common with electronic ray coating, vacuum coating or phase evaporation of the different forms of coating, these different technical methods, can be effective in the alumina ceramic technology to strengthen and enhance.


in fact, is the surface of alumina ceramic coated with silicon compounds, under normal circumstances, the need to 1200 ℃ -1580 ℃ between the high temperature, the choice of this high temperature is the main factor in order to better ensure that the alumina ceramic and it is also possible to enhance and increase the strength of the alumina ceramic in an appropriate and effective manner.

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